SEO positioning for mobile

Since the emergence and consolidation of the smartphone In our society, online traffic shifted its curve towards this type of device. The user is increasingly seduced by all the possibilities that arise from the smart phones. Computers being relegated to more professional uses for more demanding tasks.

Given this scenario, where is the SEO? Far from maintaining its current notoriety, this aspect of marketing has also been forced to adapt to new market demands. Mobile SEO is built from a series of aspects that require optimization in order to continue meeting its objectives. Do you want to know how we do it from Play SEO Marketing? We tell you everything you need to know.

SEO for mobile in three tips

Adapt your design, offer a good user experience

La user experience It is one of the concepts that we must internalize when adapting the design of our website. When a user accesses our website from a mobile phone, the arrangement and structure of all the elements must be adapted to the reduction of the screen and the way in which it interacts with it. Therefore, it is necessary to make an investment in a professional SEO agency to help us optimize our content.

 Google recommends adapting a website to mobile using a design responsive. In this way, the user will be able to access its content regardless of the screen size on which the visualization is carried out.

 Take care of your loading speed

How many times have you been to visit a web page and ended up discarding it for the amount of time it took to load the page? Since the advent of smart mobile phones, the user has become increasingly demanding when it comes to consuming content. It is no secret that immediacy has established itself as one of the values ​​that define our current society.

For this reason, take care of the loading rate of our website is one of the best investments we can make when it comes to being able to offer our users a user experience capable of meeting their expectations.

There are many tools on the web that can help us obtain metrics around this indicator. However, there is no best investment You have to rely on our team of professionals to carry out an audit on the current status and, based on the results returned, to be able to draw up an action plan that helps us optimize SEO for mobile and offer your users the performance that they deserve.

Optimize your images

Although they are usually one of the elements that less attention tend to agglutinate, the reality is that the optimization of the images is one of the aspects on which we must focus more attention.

Un small size will facilitate and speed up the loading process. This aspect is related to the loading speed that we mentioned above. It is necessary to take care of every detail in order to be able to make the most of all the opportunities that SEO for mobile can help to print in our business.

As can be seen, the SEO for mobile It has ended up becoming one of the aspects that require the most attention when planning our strategy. In a society with an increasing presence of mobile devices, adapting to them has become the best investment to differentiate our business from its competition.

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