The best SEO tools 2021

El SEO It is one of the most dynamic disciplines that exist within digital marketing. The constant updates by Google, together with the multiple trends that mark the current rhythm of the market, act as two of the countless ingredients that force you to always remain alert when it comes to executing a good SEO positioning strategy.

Currently we can find on the market a wide variety of SEO tools in 2021 that can help us achieve all of our career goals. Do you want to know them? Here we show you everything you need to know.

What are the best SEO tools for 2021?


How could it be otherwise, Ahrefs continues to be positioned as one of the best options that we can currently find on the market. It is no coincidence that since his market breakthrough has established itself as one of the main SEO 2021 tools used by the best professionals in the sector.

Ahrefs It has the particularity that it allows us to carry out an analysis of the SEO On Page performance of any website. Providing us with all the necessary information about all the elements that prevent our website from having a higher positioning.

At the same time, another of the most outstanding features that it offers is that it allows you to carry out a competitive analysis. By identifying all the actions carried out by our competitors, we will be able to draw up a much more planned and consolidated strategy.

Finally, Ahrefs allows us to get new ideas around keywords that can be useful to position our business.


In SEO, one of the indicators that can have a greater influence on the positioning of our website is the loading rate from our page.

Pingdom becomes, in this scenario, one of the most popular SEO tools on the market. Analyzing at all times this indicator to be able to find a solution about it.


Like the previous ones, SemRush It is another of the best known and most used tools by most SEO professionals internationally. SemRush stands out mainly for three functionalities:

  • Organic Research from our website: Offering us a large amount of information about the effectiveness of all the actions that are being executed correctly.
  • Keywords: SemRush allows us to know which are the most optimal keywords according to the nature of our business. At the same time, it offers us a large amount of information about those keywords that are more relevant to ensure their positioning.
  • Blacklink analysis: SemRush offers the user the maximum knowledge when it comes to obtaining information about the blacklinks generated to a website. Providing information for further analysis.

Google Search Console

Google Search Console is one of free tools that Google offers us that more information can provide us when optimizing our website. This tool allows us to know what the indexing status of our website is in order, based on it, to optimize its visibility.

That is, it allows us to alert about all the problems that prevent our website from appearing in the results user search.

As can be seen, there are many tools that currently exist on the net that offer us a large amount of information about the current state of our website in terms of positioning. Trusting them is one of the best investments that we are going to be able to carry out in terms of positioning. Ensuring the maximum performance of all our actions.

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