Corporate web design in 2021

During the last few years, user experience has established itself as one of the basic pillars on which to base the corporate web design. All the elements that are available on a website, as well as the different functionalities that it offers, must respond to its ability to satisfy a need.

When we approach the end of this 2020, It is time to anticipate and analyze what are the trends in corporate web design according to the year 2021. From Play SEO Marketing, as specialists in web design, they have identified a series of trends that will dominate the rhythm of this next 2021. A Here is a selection of the main ones.

The importance of dark mode

If 2020 has already been dominated by the commitment of a large number of brands and companies to the dark mode on its websites, this 2021 will consolidate dark mode as one of the firmer trends of this moment. The explanation for its great popularity is due to the intersection of these four elements:

  • The modern effect that emerges from it.
  • It allows to highlight all the elements present in the design.
  • Save energy from the website where the consultation is carried out.
  • Minimizes eye strain in low light conditions. Having a special importance in the aspect of health.

In the case of more advanced web pages, it is even possible to adapt the type of background according to the time of day in which we are.

Mix your favorite typography with all kinds of graphics

La graphics overlay with images has been another trend that has squeezed the potential of a large number of visual styles. The great flexibility that it proposes at the time of being able to work on it has managed to consolidate it as one of the best existing formulas to be able to imbue any type of website with personality.

During the last months of 2020, agencies specialized in web design such as Play Seo Marketing has experienced a significant number of requests related to this type of service. However, it is expected that during the next 12 months this trend will consolidate as one of the best formulas for which we will be able to opt.

The color of the font

While it is true that the use of bold fonts They are not a 2021 innovation as such, since they have already been established as one of the most common resources for a great number of years. The reality is that in recent months it has become one of the trends that is experiencing the greatest growth.

Some major technology companies, as is the case with Apple, they have integrated this way of working on typography as one of the main key elements of their identity. Being able to pay attention to the header of the page through the use of these types of resources will be key to to retain our users.

In addition, also present a significant boost in usability matter. Adding a vision as modern as it is disruptive to the home from any website.

From Play SEO Marketing, As specialists in web design, they have a wealth of resources to adapt any web design to current design trends. The great impact of this type of solution has aroused the interest of the general public. Ensuring a large number of interactions that should be squeezed out when making our website the perfect space in which to interact with our users.

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