Media planning

International Digital Media Planning

Media planning

Planning in digital media is really the best aid for any digital marketing strategy. With the implementation of a media planning strategy, we can make our brand gain greater authority both in SEO as at the level of Branding, with which it is totally recommended that when starting an SEO strategy, it is accompanied for several months by a media planning strategy
We will also enhance qualified visits from other websites of reference with high authority for Google, which will undoubtedly provide our business with greater visibility and quality traffic.

At Play SEO we are specialists in creating quality press releases in digital media with links to your website, which will undoubtedly provide visibility and qualified traffic to your website.

Increase traffic and improve your branding

Improve your brand awareness with Media

What do we do in a Media Plan?


Inbound Marketing is the quintessential technique to bring quality traffic through content. The content that is generated on our website must be creative and with excellent information to capture the attention of users, so that by sharing it on social networks we can achieve viralization and spread to the media, where we will really achieve the objective we seek , greater visibility and qualified traffic to our website.


One of the main objectives when carrying out a media planning strategy are, on the one hand, to increase the presence of our brand on the web, both at the level of Branding and increasing visits, while improving SEO through inclusion of links in these contents that are published in digital media. The media generally have a lot of authority for Google because they are sources of up-to-date and truthful information, which usually have thousands of visits and links from users in social networks, forums, blogs and websites of all kinds. Up-to-date information is the most important thing for Google and we must be part of it.