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Online Reputation, Emailing, Web Analytics and more.

Online Reputation

We are specialists in online reputation, we take care of improve your presence on Google and the entire internet. We are a multidisciplinary team that provides a 100% honest service that offers the best results month to month.

Our methodology is unique, we have a team specialized in improving customer profiles of all kinds of forums, files, directories, blogs, etc.… Which also has an analysis of each measurable result that compare monthly improvements in each of the portals.

At Play SEO we have extensive experience and success stories, which provides us with knowledge for all types of profiles, sectors, businesses and companies that will undoubtedly make your reputation clean and improve 100% guaranteed.


We develop efficient emailing campaigns with a design professional, 100% focused on customer acquisition and conversion. We design effective, clear and concise newsletter, transmitting in an elegant way the good image of your company and giving an opportunity to connect with the client optimizing the message to the maximum to achieve a good feedback.

We have 15 over years of experience conducting campaigns massive email marketing, performing A / B test, designing long-lasting strategies that manage to obtain a Clean, optimized and top quality DB, achieving a highly satisfactory response from the user who receives it.

At Play SEO we are creative with the design of emailing campaigns and we give you the opportunity to manage your database to optimize it, take care of it and obtain as many leads as possible.

Web Analytics

We are an agency certified in Google Analytics, specialists in performing web analytics strategies, data optimization and market research. We have a long experience in advanced web analytics both at the level of metrics, behavior flows, conversion and data analysis.

Without measuring, we cannot profit from the digital channel, and through web analytics we will achieve the goals that we mark ourselves in the KPIs of each of our projects and offer you the possibility of improving your success rate on the internet by a high percentage.

At Play SEO we plan the measurement strategy in Google Analytics in detail, we rely on data and metrics, observing the behavior flows to achieve your goals.

Web Analytics

Experts in Digital Marketing Strategies

We want to carry out your 360º Online Marketing strategy

What Tools Do We Use?

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is the quintessential tool for measuring data and metrics in terms of web traffic. With Google Analytics we will better understand what happens on each website and we will effectively improve the performance of the website, being able to measure the ROI (return on investment) by setting objectives, analyzing the behavior flows and I understand what our users do on the page Web.

Campaing Monitor

Campaing Monitor is an excellent tool for emailing. Campaign Monitor is such a powerful tool that it allows us to carry out personalized email marketing campaigns in a professional, automated way, segmenting each user and each email independently. Sending massive emails and reporting each shipment geographically, heat map, clicks, opening time, bounce rates and much more.


One of the tools we use to improve Online Reputation is Buzzmonitor, where we are dedicated to monitoring your brand on the main social networks, we monitor the terms related to your business, we analyze the impacts of Instagram stories from brands and also check the engagement of the brands we work with.

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