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SEM Audit, Optimization of PPC (Pay Per Click) campaigns in Google Ads.

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We are specialists in PPC campaigns in Google Ads, we are also one of the agencies Google Partner, what it means is that our Google Ads campaigns will bring traffic to your website, we guarantee it. They are also audited by Google and we have continuous contact in order to achieve the best possible results with your campaign.

We will configure the SEM campaign based on the needs of your company and taking into account all the necessary characteristics for your campaign to be successful, from geographical segmentation, through time schedules, ages, languages ​​and even the gender of the person you are looking for.

With all the configuration of the campaign, our creativity for the construction of the ads, to the structure of the campaign made up of ad groups according to each keyword and destination URL, we greatly increase the effectiveness and we get to focus the shot.

Our goal at Play SEO is to reach the number of clients, subscribers, leads, sales or traffic you need with the designated budget.

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In addition, our methodology provides you monthly complete reports with the objectives that we have defined and that will allow us to measure the ROI (return on investment).

With this information, we will guide you in everything related to your business at the digitalboth in improvements to destination pagesor, possible creation of Landing Pages (LPs) to improve the ratio of conversion within the web, new opportunities and possible improvement within the SEO strategy that a SEO agency like ours, you will always keep in mind.

In Play SEO we characterize ourselves because if there is something that we love, it is the creativity and opportunity that a Google Ads campaign can give us, to improve SEO later.

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What kind of networks are there on PPC platforms?


The Google Search Network includes both the upper and lower section of ads from Google search results, such as Google Maps, Google Images and Google Groups campaigns, as well as Google Partners (Ask, AOL, etc ...) for what the ads are going to relate to on the pages based on keywords, both exact, phrase or broad match.


The Google Display Network is made up of banners and text ads, which appear on all the websites that are part of the Google Adsense program. With these campaigns, usually cheaper at the CPC (cost per click) level, we achieve greater branding in businesses, reporting quality traffic associated with user searches, web theme or search history (saved by cookies) and called Remarketing.


Google Shopping is made up of the Google Merchant Center system, where all the products of your online store or ecommerce are stored based on the fields that Google marks to appear in its search engine. It usually takes the first results in search intentions that are related to online shopping.

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