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SEO audit

A SEO audit from a website is a complete analysis focused on listing all the parameters that search engines take into account, such as Google and that includes the use of various SEO audit tools or the so-called SEO Tools, with which all the parameters that conform or not to the standards of Google. When carrying out this analysis on a website, we will detect all the deficiencies of the website and how to improve it for search engines.

An SEO Audit consists of creating a series of lists with the weak points and actions that will help to improve all the parameters that are not optimized for search engines. With this, the SEO agencies like Play SEO, use this data to collect specific information about the website and thus provide information to the company that contracts the services, being able to make a proposal for new content, internal pages, etc ... in order to make the necessary implementations and an SEO Consultancy, that accompanied by the strategy of SEO Offpage, they will take care of improve all the SEO web positioning of the website.

In Play SEO, you will get a complete SEO Audit easy to understand and in which you will know all the weak points of your website.

SEO Onpage Consulting

With Play SEO, you will get all the services, both the SEO Audit, the SEO Consulting and implementations on the website, as well as the monthly SEO Offpage and Linkbuilding strategy with quality monthly reports.

A SEO Consulting is the complement of SEO Audit, that is, on the work carried out in the SEO Audit, a much more in-depth analysis is carried out investigating point by point all the parameters related to the indexing, relevance, web architecture, internal cross-linking, loading speed (WPO), etc ... to be able to implement the necessary changes at the code and content so that search engines can recheck the web page and take it into further consideration based on the appropriate keywords, this is carried out by a Experienced SEO Consultant and is responsible for selecting all the tags, XML maps, descriptions, etc…. in order to significantly improve organic traffic through this SEO Onpage optimization.

It is important to mention that most of the SEO agencies only sell SEO Audit and not the SEO Consulting with the implementation of changes in code and content, which means that you must be very careful when choosing the company that will audit your SEO on the website and that is in charge of also carrying out the SEO Consulting and implementation of changes in the Web page.

In our SEO consulting, we will provide you with a deep analysis which consists of different sections, which you can see below.

SEO Offpage Linkbuilding

La link building or Linkbuilding it is the practice of getting links from other websites that direct search engine robots to each web page. The Links are the "doors" that lead Google from one site to another.

While we know that content is King, for Google, the links that a web page receives They are like "votes" for Google, that is, each external link that a website has, transfers authority to the website that is linking and therefore, it gives importance to the search engines.

Let's get to the point, link building is important for most web pages because it is an important factor in being able to reach the top positions of search engine SERPs and therefore, for a web page that does not receive links, it will be very difficult to position itself in the Google Top 5, because most keywords will have minimal competition, except searches for a few little-known brands or something so specific that you hardly have any Google searches.

Google founder Larry Page introduced the concept of PageRank as a tool to measure the quality of a page based on the number of links that link to it, among other factors, such as the use of keywords and where they are displayed on the specific web page. Although PageRank is no longer known, this is not the only way to measure the authority of a web page in Google, because SEO Tools such as MOZ, SEMRush o Ahrefs they give us data related to the authority and we can know which web pages are most important to Google and which are not.

It is important to understand link building as an Offpage SEO factor, but this strategy must be totally natural and adapted to Google guidelines, since if you carry out an aggressive and unnatural internal link capture, you could be penalized, for which it is necessary to understand all the improper uses of link building, since every day Google updates its algorithm to detect web pages that perform this practice and remove them from search results.

At Play SEO we carry out quality Offpage SEO strategies and we usually accompany it with a content marketing strategy (Inbound Marketing) to be able to carry out a perfect monthly SEO strategy.

Google is changing and we with it

What do we do in Onpage SEO Audit and Consulting?

Keyword Research

This is where tools like Google Keyword Planner it is really useful, among others. When we study keywords, we must take into account:

  • What keywords generate the most traffic (current)
  • To what keywords we want to target and how will you position it realistically?
  • What keywords can we find that serve to drive quality traffic?

Most keywords should be able to be broken into word families. Many times when we find and work the keywords that generate the most traffic, unexpected keywords or keywords that generate traffic will begin to be positioned thanks to Long-Tail due to a single blog post that was not taken into account. These are keywords that we can push to get more traffic.

Companies that Long-Tail keywords, Although they may have much less traffic, it will also have much less competition and therefore if we manage to position 100 easy keywords and for each one you get about 50 visits per month, you will have 5.000 more visits per month.

Competition Analysis

Among the MOZ and Ahrefs tools We will be able to see the keywords for which the competition is positioned, from whom they obtain links and how they are positioned above your web page. Analyzing those you compete with is crucial. It also helps us see which keywords are really tricky, what keywords our competitors are working on, and who you might be getting links from.

This competition analysis should affect every decision we make to move forward with the strategy of SEO and digital marketing in general, since this information is very important.

Technical SEO Analysis

Technical analysis is extremely important because the A website's user experience can make a big difference when it comes to SEO. Is your website responsive for all mobile devices? Is SSL installed correctly? Do you have page errors or are there redirect problems? These questions are just a few of which takes into account Google on a technical level.

Try the loading rate of your website (must be less than 2 seconds), verify that Google has successfully obtained the XML Sitemap of your website and watch out for duplicate content (this includes meta tags!). Technical issues may seem small compared to others, but they are essential for Google to consider us higher than the competition.

Page level analysis

This analysis consists of making sure that all is correctly optimized. Great content is important, but you still need to optimize in the right way to be effective for him SEO. This means that the keyword is in the title, in the meta description, in the first and last paragraph.

In addition to this, the URL must be clean and optimized, and photos must have tags alt. Finally, take advantage of internal-crosslinking as long as it is done correctly.

Content quality analysis

One of the first things to keep in mind is that the content must be original, written at a native level and be helpful and informative to the user. Judging our own content can be extremely difficult and that is why in the publishing world, writers have editors of all levels. While this may seem like an excessive or minor investment for the cost, it is a great way to ensure that our content is better than the competition and they can give an answer on whether it is really high quality or not.

In addition, publications should be easy to read, entertaining with style and The longer the better, to avoid falling into thin content.

UX / IX analysis

We must trust Google Analytics to study the user experience for sure. Two main statistics that we have to observe are the bounce rate and average time on site. Bounce rate refers to the percentage of people who leave the website after visiting only one page. Ideally this should be as low as possible, although it doesn't matter if it's not excessively low, but if it's 98% that's a problem.

El average time on site is important. LThe more engaged visitors will obviously stay longer. This is considered a statistic particularly important for SEO And it's an obvious way to measure the experience users have with your website. The better the experience, the better your overall situation when it comes to SEO.

Full link profile analysis

There is no doubt that links are one of the most important factors when it comes to search engine optimization. The tools we use must analyze the type liaison, the amount of links, your relevance for and of your website, anchors in the keywords used, porcentaje of these and more. International shipments may take up to backlinks from other websites are important, but there is no denying that some are much more important than others.

Some main points you want to see:

  • How many backlinks come from relevant websites in similar industries?
  • How many authority websites link to your website?
  • What is the percentage breakdown of keyword anchors?
  • Diversity of link types
  • Linkjuice

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