Social Media Agency

Social Media Audit, Social Media Management and Social Ads.

Social Media Audit

With the implementation of a strategy in Social Networks o Social Media We will be able to increase traffic to the Web, improve branding and also send quality traffic to the website, with which we will improve Engagement and we managed to increase business visibility managing to make them participate in all the services, products or objectives that we propose.

If we succeed stand out from the competition making our followers or users interested in our services or products prefer us instead of the competition, we are achieving that in addition to being potential clients, help us to generate new clients through "word of mouth" on the internet.

At Play SEO we are specialists in creating profiles, pages or groups on social networks where we optimize all platforms to capture the attention of users and send them all possible communication, services we offer or products we sell.

Community Management

Our Community Managers They will be in full contact with you, week by week, to get soaked in both your business and yourself and to be able to transfer to social networks, the communication that best suits your business and of course, try to form a community by getting have active feedback from customers and users of social networks.

At Play SEO we understand that each business is different and has a way of communicating very different from what any other may have, even if it is from the same sector, therefore one of our main objectives is to understand your business as if it were ours.

Increase revenue with Social Ads

Certified Agency on Facebook and Instagram Ads

What do we do in Social Media Marketing?


It is important to have a fluid communication with your clients, for this, the Community Manager has to know how to transmit to the client what your business can contribute in the best possible way, in this way you generate trust and also a possible new client, positive and possible recommendations purchases from other users who see what you have written in the comments. Social networks are undoubtedly a very powerful tool if used well, with creativity, tact and very visual, we will be able to reach a greater community and it will become a source of income that you cannot get through other means.


Ads on social networks or social ads are one of the most powerful tools of the moment. Currently we can achieve with ads on Facebook or Instagram, much more return than by other means, since the ease of building a campaign segmented by interests, sex, age, access platform, marital status or even salary, is not allowed by other tools of digital marketing, with which we are so sure that we can shoot your leads through these types of tools that we cannot stop proposing it to you if you decide to implement a social media strategy.