The best SEOs in Spain 2021

That the SEO It has become one of the most popular and relevant techniques internationally is no secret to anyone. The professionals who are in charge of orchestrating, analyzing and planning all techniques and actions In this matter, they allow companies to enjoy a great return on each of their actions at the digital marketing level.

Over the past few years, they have been many professionals who have excelled in this area. Some of them work for specialized communication and positioning agencies. Others, however, have chosen the freelance path to continue evolving in their professional careers. Here is a selection with the best SEOs in Spain 2021.

Victor Lopez

Victor Lopez is currently one of the most prominent names of the industry. Based in Madrid, a simple search on Google is enough to enjoy the knowledge you have when it comes to making the most of the set of different techniques and tactics that belong to this scope.

From its first steps in the discipline to the present, it has included a wide range of services: linklbuilding, SEO audits, website optimization, planning and strategy ... endless options that allow you to consolidate the first position when it comes to the best SEO in Spain.

It is no coincidence that you currently have one of the client portfolios most attractive we can find. With a portfolio of top-level brands that trust their services every month.

Luis Villanueva

Second, Luis Villanueva is another of the most prominent names in the industry, being one of the leading SEO consultants in Spain. With residence in Alicante, one of its peculiarities is its dominance over all the patents and innovations that Google is adding to its catalog of services and that can directly interfere with our strategy.

In recent years, many brands have been attracted to their services. Consolidating a excellent portfolio and a great reputation in the online universe.

Rubén Alonso

Following in the footsteps of the above is Ruben Alonso. To his credit he has some awards given by some of the specialized SEO websites for having discovered new techniques and innovations to cheat google algorithm and improve the positioning of their businesses.

His knowledge of the discipline and all the aspects that determine it make him one of the most prominent names on the list.

Juan Gonzalez Villa

Juan Gonzales Villa is another of the best SEOs in Spain 2021. His specialty is ecommerce, so all the techniques and tactics he masters focus on his ability to fully impact this type of electronic commerce.

Their knowledge not only helps to improve the positioning of our company. But it is also responsible for improving the return and turning each visit into a transaction. Its dominance in the field means that it is consolidated as one of the best options to go to.

Dean Romero

Dean Romero is another best SEOs in Spain 2021. In its beginnings, its activity focused on blogs and everything related to content creation. However, he progressively learned new techniques that allowed his articles to enjoy an excellent positioning.

A reason that helped him become one of the most named specialists In our country. Currently being one of the most recognized figures in the discipline.

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