The importance of Search Intent in SEO

El Search Intent It is one of the elements that gives off the greatest weight when implementing any SEO Positioning strategy. Being one of the most useful tools used by specialists in this sector when ensuring the best results in their actions.

This term refers to the search intention of the user. That is, the Search Intent works to carry out the analysis around what is the internet user looking for and how it is possible to understand all your needs in order to be able to take advantage of our resources to position our website. Since Play SEO Marketing, agency specialized in SEO Positioning, they give us a series of keys that will help us ensure the best possible result according to our needs.

What is Search Intent and why is it so important?

Understanding what users are looking for when carrying out certain searches is necessary to achieve a good positioning in Google. Search Intent aims to understand the search intent behind each action that the user performs on Google. Around this understanding, a large number of results are shown that should be useful for the user himself.

However, and as a consequence of the fact that there are many search intentions that can influence the results it offers GoogleWe have selected some of the main ones below.

What are the types of Search Intent that exist?

  • Informative: It is the type of search intention that the user performs with the sole intention of obtaining information.
  • Navigational: The user searches for the keyword in addition to a specific brand. The search is based on the branding of a certain brand, as well as the products that are related to it.
  • Transactional: When the user makes a direct transaction in order to buy a product.
  • Local: The user wants to know where a place is located. In most cases, it is oriented to shops.

What is the weight of the Search Intent in Google?

Order our SEO strategy An agency specialized in this type of tool is one of the best formulas for which we can choose. A SEO professional You have to be an expert in a large number of formulas to be able to optimize our website in order to draw the best possible strategy.

The search engine needs to understand well what the search intention of its users is in order to guarantee the best experience it can offer at all times.

The SEO side, it is essential to carry out the task of optimization of the existing results that can be obtained from our website. In this way, Google will detect, and position, our website above the competition.

Among the innumerable benefits that arise from a correct strategy, the following stand out especially:

  • The target search engines. Reaching a number of users that we probably did not control at first.
  • Our site especially increases its relevance. Offering much more specific search results.
  • We avoid that our competition you can improve your positioning and place yourself above us.
  • Our Web page it becomes a much more useful tool and improves our conversion potential.

As can be seen, the Search Intent It is essential to ensure the positioning of our website in Google. Structuring all the necessary actions to achieve this, key to ensuring the effectiveness of our strategy.

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