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We are specialists in the development of corporate web pages at an international level. We create adhoc web pages that allow our clients to show their services in a visual, intuitive way, offering a user experience extraordinary, adapted to all types of mobile devices and above all, optimized for SEO.

We develop custom websites to code with Bootstrap and we also work with the content manager or CMS WordPress to design and develop custom web pages, because it is the most powerful, simple and useful CMS available, but also allows customers to access a simple backend to upload new content in an intuitive and truly agile way.

At Play SEO we are experts in custom Web Design, we do not work with templates full of useless code that do not contribute anything or help SEO.

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We specialize in design of online stores or ecommerce. We develop tailored online stores in which we try to transmit to the end user all the details of each page, category, product or mini-product so that it is easy and useful to buy in online stores that we build.

We develop customized online stores with WordPress and its Woocommmerce extension, which is at the height of Prestashop, but if you need us to use this latest CMS, we can also develop it without any problem and with total guarantee.

At Play SEO we opted to develop useful online stores for the user and of course, optimized for SEO. We create your sales funnel so that the final destination of your users is the purchase in the highest possible percentage.

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What type of Technologies do we use?


The advantages of custom web pages is that they load much faster than websites with a CMS or content manager and that they are fully modular, that is, everything is done absolutely custom and any function can be developed where and how you want the client. The disadvantages are the price and that the modifications or implementations a posteriori, can only be made by a programmer.


The web pages made with WordPress and the online stores that use this CMS with the Woocommerce extension are undoubtedly the most recommended option, due to the simple subsequent use by the client to upload new content to the web, due to its large community that has been forged over the years and because the learning curve is smaller.


The most important advantages that Prestashop has compared to WordPress with the Woocommerce extension is that you can connect the Stock of a physical store with a virtual store, with which, if you do not want to have the separate stock, it is one of the few CMS for online or ecommerce stores that can implement it. In addition, Prestashop has thousands of modules that will make your online store a true sales portal.

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