What are Rich Snippets on Google and how to get them

El SEO Positioning It is one of the disciplines that brings together the greatest interest among all those who have an online business. However, mastering all the elements and factors that intervene when it comes to ensuring our position in Google with respect to our competition, is especially complex. Even more so if we do not dedicate ourselves professionally to the exercise of this profession.

Have a specialized SEO agency, such as Play SEO Marketing, It is one of the best investments we can make to ensure the success of our business. Its professionals will be in charge of applying their knowledge around the different actions that can lead to achieving the success of our strategy. Here is an overview of the definition and uses of the Rich Snippets on Google. Do you know what they consist of?

What are Rich Snippets on Google?

Under the term of Rich Snippets reference is made to those additional lines that appear under the results of Google search. They are specially designed to enrich the information provided to the user on a particular issue. Being an especially useful option for all those cases in which very specific information is needed, avoiding having to enter a specific page to be able to nourish ourselves around it.

It is important to know that these fragments can include a large amount of data of very diverse characteristics. Among them, the ratings that an individual receives an article or the indicators that there are reviews about it. Providing extra visibility to any result.

To get them, it is necessary optimize our content and add the necessary details so that they can appear organically. However, it is also convenient to know that it is possible to add certain codes to the structure of our website in order to develop this type of functionality. In any case, the support of a specialized agency is key to exploiting all its possibilities.

How many types of Rich Snippets are there?

  • Rich Snippet featured: It is, in all probability, one of the most prominent. This Rich Snippet is responsible for directly displaying the content of the publication. Generating greater visibility and much higher conversion rates.
  • Rich Snippet Of events: Useful for all those companies that work with calendars and scheduled events.
  • Rich Snippet Of business: A unique opportunity to show our clients all the information about our business.
  • Rich Snippet Of music: This Rich Snippet offers all the relative information about an artist immediately: discography, upcoming events, featured topics ...
  • Rich Snippet Cinema: It replicates the same experience as that of music, but applied to the cinema.
  • Rich Snippet of product: Dedicated to Google Shopping, allowing to carry out the purchase from the own home of Google.
  • Rich Snippet of recipes: For all those gastronomy enthusiasts who want to access all the information related to the reviews.
  • Rich Snippet of opinions: In them, both the number of reviews and the accumulated evaluation appear.
  • Rich Snippet Of video: A search result format that includes the ability to view videos.
  • Rich Snippet geolocation: Thanks to the data provided by Google Maps and Google Stree View, we can access great information on location.
  • Rich Snippet from table: Allows you to enter the specific data that you want to highlight.
  • Rich Snippet news: Google News will report the traffic around the most outstanding news.
  • Rich Snippet contact: Especially in those cases in which our profile is on social networks such as LinkedIn.

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